Outdoor Tv Antennas

Before buying an outdoor antenna, you need to check for signals that are available at your location. You can go to the FCC site where you can find a DTV reception map. With this map, information is provided on the direction and location of a broadcast tower near your address.

This information will help you select the best possible outdoor antenna that can capture signals from your location. Outdoor antennas are advantageous if you live a substantial distance away from a TV tower.

Here are some of the best outdoor TV antennas in the market today.

  1. RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

This type of antenna picks up signals from broadcast towers 60 miles away. This is one of the best outdoor antennas which is highly durable and can withstand bad weather condition without its performance being compromised. It has a fold-out design and comes with mast and mounting hardware. You get superior HD reception and more local channels and major TV networks.

  1. Pingbingding Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna

This antenna is good for people who want to watch over-the-air channels on more than one TV. It can support two TVs at one time without using a splitter or special adapter. The range of this antenna is 150 miles and you don’t need any tools to assemble it. it comes with a mounting pole and a 40-foot coaxial cable. The antenna is easy to adjust from indoors since it has a 360-degree motor rotor and wireless controller. You don’t have to climb a ladder to adjust it. It can withstand lightning and other bad weather conditions.

  1. 8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

This type of antenna has a range of 70 miles. It is easy to mount and can be installed both indoors or outdoors. For best results, however, it is recommended that it be installed outdoors. This type of antenna is ideal for rural areas surrounded by tall trees. It has a reflector that boosts the antenna’s power and prevents any interference. It receives signals from towers in different directions.

  1. ClearStream 4 Indoor/Outdoor HDTV antenna

This is ideal for rural and suburban environments since it has multi-directional elements that can deliver both range and reception. It can withstand the harshest weather condition and even under areas surrounded by trees. It comes with a 20-inch mount and can be placed either indoors or outdoors. It also includes all-weather mounting hardware

  1. Channel Master CM-4228 HD High VHF, UHF, and HDTV Antenna

This antenna has a classical design that can give you a signal from a 70 miles range. This is great for people living in rural or suburban areas since it can operate effortlessly even in forested surroundings. It picks up HD channels broadcasted by your local stations as well as major TV networks. So even without cable or satellite subscription, you won’t miss any of your favorite channels.

  1. Antop UFO Dual-Omni-Directional HDTV Antenna

This antenna does not need any adjustment since it has a unique design like the shape of a flying saucer that provides complete coverage both horizontally and vertically. You can adjust the balance between short- and long-range reception with the special amplifier provided. It covers signals at a 65-mile range. For better reception, it has a built-in filter that blocks 3G and 4G LTE signals. You don’t need tools to install this antenna.

  1. 1byOne Omni-directional Amplified Outdoor Antenna

This antenna looks great. It is also a good performing Omni-directional antenna. It has a 360-degree beam pattern so you don’t have to direct it to any one location. You can receive broadcasts from any direction. You don’t need any motorized rotor to tune in to your station. It also has an anti-UV coating which makes it very durable and resistant to the sun. So, it is a good choice for a rooftop antenna. You can get high quality and strong signals to your TV with its high gain low-noise amplifier.

  1. Winegard Elite Outdoor VHF/UHF HDTV Antenna

To provide the best reception, this antenna has a built-in LTE filter and ultra-low noise amplifier with special technology. You can get signals from a 70-mile range. It can withstand winds of more than 100 mph. it also resists salt and fog. You can have a perfect position outside since it comes with a mounting system that provides different angling options. To help you find nearby towers, you can use Wingard’s free smartphone app.