Digital TV Antenna – 01MM-MAGNA25 by Matchmaster

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Digital TV Antenna VHF/UHF (6-12)(28-40) 25 Elements – 01MM-MAGNA25

Product Summary

The 01MM-MAGNA25 is a high-quality, durable antenna. Made in Australia, it can capture channels 6 to 12 and 28 to 40 with ease while making use of a hybrid log periodic design in order to increase gain for the desired channels. It also includes a mounting clamp at the balance point to prevent it from sagging.

Features and Benefits

  • Australian made
  • Receives channels 6-12 and 28-40
  • Hybrid log periodic antenna to maximise gain for wanted channels
  • VHF elements 12.7mm diameter aluminium tube for superior strength
  • 652MHz low pass filter > 40dB attenuation at 750MHz to eliminate 4G (LTE) interference
  • Mounting clamp at the balance point avoids antenna sagging